Simplicity you can trust

Our RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist

RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist
1,000 kg to 50,000 kg
Simplicity you can trust. The new RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist impresses with flexibility and fits every application. Without secrets. Electrical execution free of any passwords.

The types

Upright or hanging
Foot hoist
Foot mounted hoist without trolley. For lifting capacities from 1,000 kg up to 50,000 kg
That always works
Monorail trolley
Hoist with standard headroom trolley. For capacities from 1,000 kg up to 32,000 kg.
Double? Of course!
Double girder trolley
Electric wire rope hoist with double rail trolley. For capacities from 1,000 kg up to 50,000 kg either supported or suspended, version S2-S4.Only in supported execution for capacities from 20,000 kg up to 25,000 kg 2 rope falls, for capacities from 40,000 kg up to 50,000 kg 4 rope falls. Also available as double hoist with loads up to 100,000 kg.
Short but sweet
Low headroom monorail hoist trolley
Wire rope hoist with monorail hoist trolley for lead headroom. For capacities from 1,000 kg up to 16,000 kg.

Your benefits

Immortal. Almost.
Robust design
All components are designed for durability and ease of maintenance. Decades of experience and continuous development make the RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist a reliable partner for moving your loads.
To the moon
Planetary gear
The extremely robust planetary gearbox, which is lubricated for life, is easily accessible and guarantees optimum power transmission between the hoist motor and the rope drum.
Heavy. Heavier. Overload protection.
Electronic overload protection
With two adjustable levels, protects the hoist and all components directly affected by the load from overload (Performance Level C).

Smart design

Headroom monorail design
The standard headroom monorail design enables the hoist to operate directly under and parallel with the crane or runway beam. The hoist is directly connected to the trolley. All components are freely accessible, which guarantees ease of maintenance.
To the moon and much further
Planetary gear
The extremely robust, two- or three-stage planetary gear ensures reliable power transmission from the hoist motor to the rope drum. The parts of the planetary gear in the power flow are made of heat-treated quality steel.
It couldn't be easier
Three-piece rope guide ring
Stable and easy to install, also available in cast iron design. The rope is optimally guided on the rope drum. The tension spring ensures that the rope is held in the rope groove and thus protects against damage and slack rope on the drum.
Full power
The double-girder trolley is equipped with double-flange wheels. All wheels have high quality ball bearings. The driven wheels are connected directly to the self braking gearmotor. This maintenance-friendly, long-life construction enables the best power transmission between the running wheels and the trolley rail, as well as less wear.
Low but mighty!
Low headroom trolley
The drives of the low headroom trolley consists of two electric motors, fitted onto planetary gearboxes. The power transmission of the gears goes directly to the toothed wheel axles. This construction does not require any additional, external gears.
Full control
The three-phase asynchron motors with cylindrical rotor and disc brake are available with single or dual speed option. The single speed motor allows inverter control to be fitted offering flexible speed control to suit the application requirements.
Braking power ahead
Disc brake
The generously dimensioned disc brake acts directly on the rotor shaft so that the braking force is effectively.
Smart options
Sliding anchor motor
A sliding anchor motor with one or two speeds and a conical brake is optionally available. The axial movement of the rotor ensures that the brake works. The braking torque is provided by the axially mounted Helical spring guaranteed. The brake is released by moving the rotor axially when the motor is energized.


The RX Electric Wire Rope Hoist is suitable for the use in a wide variety of applications in an industrial environment.

Technical data

Key data
Lifting capacities1,000 kg and 50,000 kg
Rope strands2 or 4 Rope strands, Reeving 2/1, 4/1 or 4/2
Lifting speedsLifting speeds from 1.5 m/min to 12m/min
StepsSingle-speed, two-speed, frequency-controlled
Main voltage380 - 440 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 3 phases
Insulation classIP 55 - IP 66 (optional)
Control voltage 42 V, 110 V as a standard, 24 V, 48 V, 230 V optional
GearboxPlanetary gearbox
Hoist motorThree-phase asynchronous motor, optional sliding anchor motor
Electronic overload protection, with two adjustable levels
Overheating protection for hoist motor
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